Make innovation the most effective growth engine

Put innovation back at the heart of your business strategy.

Stim, aiding decision-makers by bringing scientific expertise
to innovation management

Are you ready for tomorrow?

When radical transformations are shaking up your ecosystem, we step in to guarantee your company’s future.
Concerned about your company’s future? Let’s build a clear shared vision of your company’s future - forestall future disruptors and identify new growth opportunities.
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Are your innovation endeavors falling short? Let’s get rid of the factors that limit your innovation activities. We help you structure and switch on your innovation - map out your potential and convert.
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Do not fear the future, make it your strength.

Let’s reinforce your existing assets and build new ones

It’s time to make innovation the primary motor of your growth strategy. 

World leaders put their trust in Stim.

Together with the Strategy and R&D team in Europe, Stim took on the challenge to structure the exploration of new technologies and business models to build a strategy for the energy transition.

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Along with the Executive Committee and Marketing and R&D experts, Stim has built the mid-term strategy with new offers to be launched on the European market.

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Discover how Technip generated 30+ disruptive concepts thanks to an innovation challenge within the company’s corporate social network.

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Stim’s scientific approach has already driven 190 missions to success. 

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