Tomorrow’s leaders will be
relentless inventors.

Stim is an innovation accelerator

The biggest challenges we face require large-scale solutions: being the best manager is no longer enough…

At Stim, we are convinced that only (re)inventors, explorers, and entrepreneurs can tackle these challenges
and participate in the great transformations of humanity.

Empowering them in this quest is the very reason for our existence.

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Let us help you (re)invent anything you want
Innovate better and faster Let’s build a clear shared vision of your company’s future - forestall future disruptors and identify new growth opportunities.
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Build an innovation machine Let’s get rid of the factors that limit your innovation activities. We help you structure and switch on your innovation - map out your potential and convert. Delve deeper

A scientific approach, but not only...

Stim was created as a spin-off of the CGS (Centre de Gestion Scientifique) of Mines Paristech. Our objective: to disseminate the C-K method, a method for “scientific creativity” that helps design breakthrough solutions to complex problems.

Capitalising on this heritage, the Stim team now combines scientific research, management sciences, and field experience to provide companies with the methods and mindsets that will enable them to meet the major challenges of tomorrow.

The industry leaders trust us.

Breakthrough technical solutions to reduce the weight per unit of beverage packaging in order to meet upcoming environmental standards and taxation imposed on this industry

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In collaboration with the Digital executives and VPs of the company, Stim supported the implementation of a new division to foresee future trends.

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Together with the Strategy and R&D team in Europe, Stim took on the challenge to structure the exploration of new technologies and business models to build a strategy for the energy transition.

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Stim’s scientific approach has already driven 190 missions to success.