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Companies: how to reinvent to truly contribute to the environmental shift?

Want to find out how to make a difference in your company?

We have written this white paper for the Innovation, Strategy, and Sustainability managers and directors to help them assess the challenges when it comes to tackling the environmental shift of their companies and industries. 

The white paper is composed of 4 parts:

1/ Why are Industries and businesses at the heart of the environmental shift in our societies?

2/ What are the 3 phases of the environmental shift of a company?

  • Integration – a collective awareness
  • Optimisation – a necessary but insufficient step
  • Reinvention – a strong ambition for a real environmental impact

3/ Reinvention and environmental shift: where can you start?

  • Reinvention: each industry has its challenges
  • Multi-dimensional reinvention: choose your playground
  • The need for reinvention: how to convince your Executive Committee?

4/ Flash test: Where is your company standing? 

About StimShift

StimShift: the business unit of Stim dedicated to the environmental shift

At Stim, we are convinced that current efforts to respond to the climate emergency are not enough. We will not be able to achieve the objectives necessary for the survival of our societies other than through the profound reinvention of our historical industrial models.

This is why we have created StimShift.

Take action with StimShift!

If the subject of environmental transition is close to your heart and you want to shake things up in your company, we have good news for you!

Reinvention is our business and our StimShift experts have concrete solutions to offer you to initiate change in your company.