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We have successfully assisted companies of all sizes, from all sectors: from technical fields such as R&D in aeronautics, to pure service-based players in banking and insurance sector, to Houses in the luxury industry.

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Stim has already worked with more than 60 major companies from CAC40 (France) and Europe.


Our projects & results

Towards a zero-waste manufacturing process
It is reported that the company emitted 20 times more waste (in weight) than final products. This startling result led the R&D team to the question: are they really a consumer goods producer or rather a waste producer?
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Lead the game: a reduction of 80% of the environmental footprint with a new industrial model
The Innovation team of this international premium pet food manufacturer called upon Stim with a clear mission in mind: creating radically new products coupled with new production models that allow a reduction of 80% of the environmental footprint in comparison to the current product lines and production models.
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Make Innovation strategic again: how can Innovation significantly contribute to the company’s strategic plan?
Working with the Innovation Director of a major branch of the Top 2 Banking Groups in France, Stim sought to maximize and enhance the contribution of the Innovation team to the branch’s strategic plan. 
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A race towards 2030: disrupting the food packaging as we know it
Disruptive food packaging solutions in order to reduce the environmental impact of a flagship product. This innovation endeavor is to prepare for the AGEC law in France on the fight against single-use plastic packaging and waste.  
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Redesign the manufacturing process allowing the retrieval of 37% thermal loss
Solutions to potentially retrieve and save up to 37% thermal loss throughout the manufacturing processes.
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Landing Zone: build an organisation that fosters breakthrough innovation projects
Create an organisation to bring breakthrough innovation projects to the market instead of hindering their potentials
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Activating a mid-term innovation strategy: case of a government agency in natural resource management
Provide the right methods and tools to refine an ambitious innovation strategy but not yet actionable
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Data security solutions for a diversification strategy in the energy industry
Stim has identified high potential data security solutions and transformed one innovative solution into a real business case, in order to enrich the diversification mid-term strategy of the company.
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Reducing the impact of packaging through weight reduction in Food & Beverage industry
Breakthrough technical solutions to reduce the weight per unit of beverage packaging in order to meet upcoming environmental standards and taxation imposed on this industry
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Reimagine power conversion systems and their business models for renewable energy
New technological solutions for power conversion to meet new needs brought by the renewable energy revolution across different dimensions: technologies, usage, production and services
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Digitalization for the energy transition: anticipating the next big moves
In collaboration with the Digital executives and VPs of the company, Stim supported the implementation of a new division to foresee future trends.
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From hardware to software: a new business model to confront disruptions from emerging markets
Along with the Executive Committee and Marketing and R&D experts, Stim has built the mid-term strategy with new offers to be launched on the European market.
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Beyond Oil and Gas, the future of energy for the European market
Together with the Strategy and R&D team in Europe, Stim took on the challenge to structure the exploration of new technologies and business models to build a strategy for the energy transition.
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Innovation performance enhanced by a strategic alignment
Detect the misalignments between the Group’s executives and the Innovation team on the role of innovation and its objectives
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Rethinking digital distribution
Identify and build new disruptive strategies in digital distribution industry based on market evolution
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Piloting a breakthrough innovation challenge with the C-K method
Discover how Technip generated 30+ disruptive concepts thanks to an innovation challenge within the company’s corporate social network.
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