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Our expertise

Create the best version of your business

Stim is a team of inventors*
ready to tackle your innovation challenges

*But not only! We are also innovation experts, explorers, scientists, designers, and entrepreneurs!

The need to (re)invent

From the reduction in fuel consumption of aeroplanes to the reinvention
of luxury packaging, our methods are particularly suited to
solve the most complex problems.

Everything is possible with the right method

Stim was created as a spin-off of the CGS (Scientific Management Center) of Mines ParisTech. Our goal: to disseminate the C-K method, a “method of scientific creativity” that helps design solutions to complex problems.


Capitalizing on this heritage, the Stim team now combines scientific research, science of management and field experience to provide companies with the methods and mindsets that enable them to meet the major challenges of tomorrow.

Our case studies

Discover how Technip generated 30+ disruptive concepts thanks to an innovation challenge within the company’s corporate social network.
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Detect the misalignments between the Group’s executives and the Innovation team on the role of innovation and its objectives
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Identify and build new disruptive strategies in digital distribution industry based on market evolution
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