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Our expertise

Innovation – time to deliver

ACCELERATE and convert your innovation project

Do you sense your innovation project is not moving forwards at the right pace, that you are losing time and energy?
Is the newness of the subject making it hard to decipher where you are going, or making you worry you could end up choosing the wrong paths?
Do you get the impression your innovations will never be commercialised and implemented in spite of their strong potential?

Why Stim?

Numerous scientific studies have shown that conventional logic and project management tools, as well as the associated organizational modes, do not make it possible to manage innovation projects.

Based on the principles of uncertainty reduction and organizational ambidextrous models, Stim has developed methods and tools to effectively manage the validation and activation phases of an innovation project by limiting the risk and the associated efforts.

Our solutions

Clarify your innovative project objectives and make an action plan
Conceive a new solution or offer and validate its potential with minimal effort
Ensure an innovative solution or offer gets implemented
Train your teams to manage innovative projects

Our use cases

Discover how Technip generated 30+ disruptive concepts thanks to an innovation challenge within the company’s corporate social network.
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Identify and build new disruptive strategies in digital distribution industry based on market evolution
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