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Our expertise

Create the best version of your business

ALIGN your company on an innovation strategy

Do you get the impression your company’s innovation initiatives are opportunistic and have no real strategy behind them?
Do you have a blind spot around the projects you are investing in and wonder whether they address the issues that really matter to your company?
Do you struggle to transform your innovation commitments into a shared and structured innovation roadmap?

Why Stim?

All too often, there is a mismatch between a company’s approach to innovation and their strategic goals – this either leads to orphan projects that heed zero results, or an abundance of non piloted innovation initiatives. 

Through our collaboration with Mines Paristech, we have developed a set of tools which calibrate strategy and innovation together, so you can build a shared innovation strategy and maximize your innovation inputs in line with your company’s strategic goals. 

Our solutions

Identify the big trends which truly raise the stakes for your company
Align your collaborators on your major innovation challenges and fix objectives that enable you to meet them
Evaluate the pertinence of your project portfolio based on the innovation objectives you have set
Build your innovation roadmap and reach your innovation objectives

Our projects

Detect the misalignments between the Group’s executives and the Innovation team on the role of innovation and its objectives
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In collaboration with the Digital executives and VPs of the company, Stim supported the implementation of a new division to...
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Along with the Executive Committee and Marketing and R&D experts, Stim has built the mid-term strategy with new offers to...
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