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Our expertise

Innovation – time to deliver

BUILD the future of your company, product or service

Are you unsure how to start tackling such a huge and complex topic?

Are you afraid you might accidentally bypass critical veins and weaken your company’s strategic artery?
Do you feel like you are turning in circles but not coming up with any new ideas?

Why Stim?

Stim has drawn on the latest research from the Mines ParisTech Scientific Management Center to develop the C-K method, which can be used to map out the entire scope of possible evolutions for a product, service or process, from the most obvious ideas to breakthrough concepts. 

This systematic approach helps overcome fixation effects which limit our ability to innovate and acquire the knowledge which is required to explore and develop new concepts.

Our solutions

Clarify your ambition and evaluate your “innovation gap”
Generate new ideas and concepts
Prioritize your concepts and validate a focussed action plan
Validate your concept potential with minimal effort

Our use cases

Discover how Technip generated 30+ disruptive concepts thanks to an innovation challenge within the company’s corporate social network.
Read this use case
Identify and build new disruptive strategies in digital distribution industry based on market evolution
Read this use case
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