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You have questions.
We have the answers.

What are the major disruptive axes that will shape the future of my industry?

What new offer should I develop? How to build the necessary action plan?

How can I test my innovation paths and bring them to the market quickly and at low cost?

We support you to meet your companies challenges of innovation with a method that combines innovation management sciences, entrepreneurship and your business expertise.

At the heart of our intervention:
The C-K method.

At Stim we use the C-K (Concept-Knowledge) method, a systematic method for designing and managing radical innovation projects. It deals with innovations of all types – Products, services or processes – and under all their dimensions – Technology, business model, usage.

The C-K method is based on three main principles:

1 By methodically mapping a subject of innovation we are able to pilot and master the exploration of concepts, even the most disruptive ones.
2 It is the contribution of new and unexpected knowledge that makes it possible to imagine truly new concepts.
3 It is necessary to push forward internal competences of the company to be able to develop radically new concepts and finally bring them to the market.

How does it work?

We deploy our service in 4 major steps :

1 - Map

Generate an exhaustive map of the current offer. Each characteristic is methodically dissected with the help of your internal experts.

2 - Look Outside

Present new and unexpected knowledge to the project group thanks to external experts.

3 - Mutate

Imagine alternatives for each characteristic of the current offer and draw innovative offers from it. These are your radically new concepts.

4 - Convert

Identify the knowledge and competences to be acquired to develop the innovations generated and bring them to the market.


Quickly and cost-effectively test the potential of a concept.

Train your teams to run a project like a start-up.

One offer. An infinity of possibilities.

Our methodology is adapted innovation subjects at all levels of your company: from the construction of an innovation strategy at the company level, to the exploration of radically new characteristics of a specific product. You can also choose the mode of operation: off-line or online.

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