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Innovation – time to do it right

You encounter innovation problems
We empower you with methods to solve them.

We support you overcome the challenges of innovation with a method that combines innovation management sciences, entrepreneurship and your business expertise.

At the heart of our intervention:
The C-K method.

At Stim we use the C-K (Concept-Knowledge) method, a systematic method for designing and managing radical innovation projects. It deals with innovations of all types – Products, services or processes – and under all their dimensions – Technology, business model, usage.

The C-K method is based on three main principles:

1 By methodically mapping a subject of innovation we are able to pilot and master the exploration of concepts, even the most disruptive ones.
2 It is the contribution of new and unexpected knowledge that makes it possible to imagine truly new concepts.
3 It is necessary to push forward internal competences of the company to be able to develop radically new concepts and finally bring them to the market.

How does it work?

We build and implement an innovation machine in your company around 4 aspects:


Define your innovation ambitions, build your innovation strategy & manage your portfolio


Generate & map all potential innovation possibilities


Develop & ensure the implementation of new solutions


Set up adapted processes & facilitate access to necessary resources

Stim builds and implements your innovation machine

An innovation machine represents all activities to master in order to innovate effectively.

Malfunctions in this machine prevent your company from innovating at its fullest potential.

Stim helps you to tackle these limiting factors of the machine so that you are able to achieve your innovation goals.

One offer. Tailored to your need.

Our methods & tools are built upon the work of Mines ParisTech, recognised worldwide for their research on breakthrough innovation management. These methods are adapted to deal with innovation issues of different levels of complexity and scales.

Our success stories

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