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Innovation can be learned. Stim shows you how.

At Stim, we are convinced that innovation is not only the business of some exceptionally creative people. Everyone can create and design if they have the right methods and tools. We will give you these methods and tools and teach you how to use them throughout innovation training.

Stim is a training organization (declaration n°1 75 52399)

At the heart of our training programs:
The C-K method.

All our training programs are built around the C-K (Concept-Knowledge) method. Developed at Mines de Paris (French engineering School), it is now an internationally recognized method for innovation projects and innovation strategies management.

The C-K method allows, among others, to:

Exhaustively explore the universe of possibilities around a subject
Generate and map truly innovative concepts
Identify the knowledge and competences to be acquired to launch the concepts on the market
Build and pilot and innovation strategy

It is currently taught in several prestigious engineering schools and universities in the world (Mines de Paris, Polytechnique, Stanford, etc.).

Our training programs.

Introduction to C-K.

Discover C-K as an innovation tool.

During this training you will discover the new challenges of innovation and the basic principles of the C-K method, in an illustrated and practical way.

You learn how to use C-K to generate radically new concepts, identify associated knowledge and anticipate the organizational impact involved of such innovations in a company.


Manage an innovation project with C-K.

Learn how to lead an innovation project with C-K.

This training provides you with the theoretical foundations and practical know-how to pilot an innovation project in company from A to Z, using the C-K method.


Innovation methods.

Explore the panorama of innovation methods analyzed with C-K.

During this training, you (re)discover the most common methods of innovation and their use through the prism of C-K. Starting from this analysis, you learn which method is more appropriate for the different innovation situations you may be facing.


Innovation management.

Design an innovation strategy (Master Class).

This training is aimed at management teams in order to feed their reflections on the strategic topics related to innovation: How do organizations behave while facing innovation? What are the key activities of an innovation department?

An innovation director or a CEO among Stim’s client is systematically involved to enrich the training.


Our trainings in 2018 - 2019

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