A program to reinvent your product, service, and process to meet ambitious environmental targets

Our insights

Faced with the ecological emergency, companies are aware that profound transformations of their activities are necessary. However, the actions implemented are generally related to the optimisation of the current model and do not allow to reach the set environmental objectives.

In their transition, the majority of companies have now gone beyond the Integration phase of environmental issues but remain stuck in the Optimisation phase. A paradigm shift is needed to move to the Reinvention phase.

With StimShift, we put our expertise and experience at the service of the environmental transition by supporting companies in their Reinvention process.

We need the (re)inventors of the transition.

Reinvent your business with StimShift

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Ecological transition: what innovation strategy for your sector?

Despite growing efforts, we are only at the beginning of a systemic transition to a more sustainable future. To achieve this transformation, fragmented, short-term actions are no longer sufficient: industries must undertake leaps in environmental performance. 

The case of a world leader in packaging

Exploration of lightening solutions for food packaging, with the aim of meeting the new environmental standards and taxes soon to be in force in the sector.

The case of a European heavy industry manufacturer

Solutions that recover and save up to 37% of heat loss throughout the production process.

A race to 2030: rethink food packaging as we know it

Disruptive food packaging solutions to reduce environmental impact. The case of a multinational food company in the context of the anti-waste law in France.  

Post-oil era, building a disruptive innovation strategy

The exploration of new technologies and business models to develop a strategy for the energy transition.

Leading the game: industrial models to reduce environmental footprint by 80%

Create radically new products coupled with new production models to reduce the environmental footprint by 80% compared to current product lines and production models. The case of an international pet food manufacturer.

Mener le jeu : réinventer des modèles industriels pour réduire de 80% l’empreinte environnementale

StimShift - Who are we?


Created in 2020 to put Stim's expertise and experience at the service of the environmental transition, StimShift relies on a track record of 7 years, 200+ disruptive innovation projects, 80+ large companies in France & Europe.

Our team's mission is to accelerate business transitions and the emergence of new industries to meet the environmental challenge.

We offer companies reinvention programs to transform their core activities and develop new alternative models.

Our beliefs

Faced with the environmental emergency, when a profound reinvention of their business is necessary, many companies mobilize the same resources, strategies and organizations as they do to operate and optimize it.

At Stim Shift, we believe that reinvention activities can be managed and organized differently. With strategies adapted to management in situations of great uncertainty, innovative design methods to develop breakthrough solutions and offers, and organizations adapted to industrialize new activities that are incompatible with the company's historical model.

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