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We Are Stim

We make Science creative.

We make Creativity scientific.

Why Stim?

Future is more uncertain than ever.

At Stim, we have never been so enthusiastic.

We see this as a set of positive challenges.

All business sectors are concerned:

Health Patient care will be reinvented.
Energy Energy production and access will be renewed.
Space Exploration will be transformed.
Agri-food Production and diffusion will be re-designed.


At Stim, we imagine a world where every company is capable of shaping its destiny and every individual knows how to design a different future.

We are experts of radical innovation management.

We build on the most advanced research on innovation management and innovative design to spread to the world the very best scientific methods for innovation. We base our work mainly on the Concept-Knowledge Theory, a powerful framework to understand, analyze and systematize design reasoning and innovation generation.

We are Stim!

At Stim, we are entrepreneurs and engineers, passionate about innovation and design.

At Stim, we not only drive major innovation projects in industry and but conduct our own internal intrapreneurial projects to invent the future of innovation methods.

Stimers are also about:

Surfing sessions, ski trips, fitness on Mondays & sophrology on Wednesdays, sailing excursions and a lot of cycling!

Fruits, seeds and berries, a lot of chocolate and only a moderate Yoghurt consumption drive our entrepreneurial spirit.

345 Miles travelled
by bike every month
20 Kg of fruits
sacrificed every month
13 Stimers
11 Intrapreuneurial
26 years-old as
average age
Benjamin Duban

Benjamin Duban

Co-Founder & CEO

For Benjamin, innovation is "happiness"

Frédéric Arnoux

Frédéric Arnoux

Co-Founder & CTO

For Frédéric, innovation is "a creative machine"

Olga Kokshagina

Olga Kokshagina

Innovation Manager

For Olga, innovation "is part of our DNA"

Colette Ménard

Colette Ménard

Consultant & Innovation Expert

For Colette, innovation is "scientific"

Jérémy Rodriguez

Jérémy Rodriguez

Consultant & Innovation Expert

For Jérémy, innovation should be "accessible to anyone"

Simon Martin

Simon Martin

Consultant & Product Manager

For Simon, innovation is "renewing strategy"

Marianne Susset

Marianne Susset

Consultant & Innovation Expert

For Marianne, innovation is "a team effort"


Stim is always looking for new talents.

Are you interested?